Why Do You Need Your Academic Documents Translated?

Why Do You Need Your Academic Documents Translated

Your academic documents are the main and most important proof of your education for admission offices to analyze at educational institutions.  If you’re thinking about studying at an English-speaking school, translating these documents is key for schools to have an accurate idea of your academic development.  How important is it to translate academic documents? An accurate translation of your academic documents is more important than you may think.

The importance of a good translation

Academic document translation requires experience and attention to detail.  Diplomas and certificates showing the achievements of a student must be handled with the utmost professionalism.  It is vital for the translated document to be interpreted in the same way in the source language as in the target language.  The mistranslation of the name of a subject may result in the Admissions Department denying your access to education.

What does it take to translate academic documents?

The translation of academic documents observes the requirements of the educational institution.  Some documents need to be certified by evaluation institutions or by governmental bodies to determine equivalence between different countries.

Studying abroad also means living abroad.  Therefore, we will need to translate other personal documents such as our birth certificate and driver’s license, all necessary for a stay overseas.

In general, students studying abroad need the translation of their diplomas, certificates, exam results, student records, letters of recommendation, CVs, among others.

Those who relied in our translation services stood out from the competition and got admitted to the university of their dreams.

The translation of academic documents is a major resource for students that can make a big difference if done by professionals.

What type of document do you need to translate?

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