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Whether you need healthcare translation solutions, medical translation services, or you are negotiating deals, applying for a scholarship, or replying to company emails, we can help you reach your target market or audience in a way that meets all of the conventions and expectations as well as subject matter expertise.

All of our translators and staff sign a confidentiality agreement. We respect our clients' privacy and are GDPR compliant.

With a network of highly experienced and specialized linguists and technical experts, Translation Outlet offers professional Spanish and English translation services in the following fields:

Academic Documents:
Diplomas, transcripts, certificates, records, school admission documents.

Recurrent courses for cabin crew members, operation and cabin manuals, technical documentation, baggage tracing, reports, fact sheets, airline contracts.

Personal Documents:
Resumes, cover letters, immunization certificates, medical records, passports, last will and testaments, authorizations and powers of attorney, emails.

Birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption.

Employee handbooks, press releases, websites, bank statements, e-commerce, surveys, online reviews, Banking, e-commerce, investment, financial instruments, risk management, accounting, insurance, human resources, corporate communication, employment, public credit, correspondence, MBA, forms, credit reports, cash flows, balance sheets, invoices, annual reports, investment analyses.

Marriage, divorce, settlements, contracts, sales, employment, audits, bids, trusts, statutes, adoption, licenses, court statements, partnerships, documentation in general, claims, prenuptial agreements, employment agreements, technical service provider contracts, bylaws, assignments of rights, authorizations and powers of attorney, testamentary trusts, apostilles, last will and testaments, partnership agreements, user license agreements, service contracts, release agreements, notices, release and indemnity agreements, lease, escrow documents, binding statements, pro-bono retainer letters, security agreements, distribution contract, benefit plans, sales representative agreements, police records, diagnostic reports on legal and regulatory environments.

Information Technology, machinery, device packaging, spec sheets and labels, technical reports, procedure manuals.

e-learning, university, postgraduate and MBA training materials, standard educational documents, curricular frameworks, academic transcripts, course descriptions, study materials, résumés, education quality assurance reports, student tests.

Medicine & Healthcare:
Manuals, brochures, research papers, website content, patient interviews, letters, complaints, claims, communications, lab results, product spec sheets, fact sheets, general information, informed consents, labels, forms, questionnaires, marketing materials, doctor notes.

Consumer Electronics:
User instructions, hair and skin product documentation, mobile device manuals, consumer reports, brochures and technical documentation, equipment, products, materials and services, user instructions and manuals.

Advertising, consumer products, apparel, cosmetics, food and beverage, hospitality, municipalities and public services, general tourism, newsletters, press releases, customer satisfaction surveys, websites, advertising materials, special events, restaurant menus, labels and brochures, marketing and research surveys online, testimonials, general information, membership benefits.

In order to start working with us, candidates have to meet a set of requirements that include education, experience, tool knowledge, subject matter expertise, among others. Our translators are rigorously tested to ensure that they have extensive knowledge of the languages and fields they will translate.

All translations are completed, reviewed and proofread by professional linguists.

Payment is available via credit card and all orders will be processed once payment has been made.

Your translation total cost is available before you submit your order and that is the exact amount that you will be charged for. If we notice there is a mistake in your order - such as incorrect number of pages when compared to the document submitted-, we will contact you to offer a solution. There are no hidden fees!

By no means does "outlet" mean lower quality. Outlet means store, market, shop.

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