Translation of Contracts

Translation of Contracts

Do you need a contract translated? Below, we will explain the importance of having a contract or any other legal document translated by professionals.

Confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, sales and purchase agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, apostilles, legal notices, privacy policies, lawsuits, summons, resolutions, judgments, etc. are all part of this extremely useful but complex world.

The Complexity in the Translation of Contracts

The translation of contracts can be really complex: proceedings, parties, penalties, deadlines, everything depends on the interpretation of its clauses.

It is of vital importance that only highly trained professionals with legal knowledge work on legal translations to avoid misinterpretations or even legal issues.

At Translation Outlet, we work with translators with a legal background as well as with subject matter experts who proofread these translations to ensure accuracy. Our processes and workflows in place ensure accurate and culturally sensitive legal translations.

The use of translation technologies plays a very important role in this process, since it allows for terminology consistency and lower costs. In addition, with the support of the latest technology in the industry we can deliver translated documents in time and in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Notarizations and Apostilles

Certifications, notarizations and apostilles are necessary in many legal proceedings to give authenticity to a document issued by a foreign government. Translation Outlet can help you with this important requirement.

If you -or your company- are growing and in the process of expanding into international markets you should consider having your contracts translated by professionals.

Failure to have your legal documents professionally translated can have serious consequences. Trust your legal documents to translation professionals, trust Translation Outlet.

What type of document do you need to translate?

Translation Outlet offers you a simple way to have your documents translated. Submit and customize your project request through our website and receive your translation according to the quality, timeline and budget you want.

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