Technical Translation

Traducciones técnicas

Technical translations are a type of professional and specialized translation that includes content produced by technical writers or related to developments involving the practical use of scientific or technical information.

To simplify, these are translations that require expertise not only in the source and target languages you’re working with but also in the field of implementation.

Among the documents that require this expertise in technical translations are scientific, medical, engineering and technical journals. These materials usually require post-graduate training in the various fields as well as excellent translation skills.

Other documents that require technical expertise include computer product specifications. These may not need the same level of knowledge as the materials mentioned before but they do require a good understanding of the general terms used in the discipline.

Technical Translations and Specializations

There are several specializations within the field of technical translations:

Patents: These documents require experience not only in the field but also knowledge of legal and practical requirements. The terminology used is crucial since it can determine the scope such as renewal, authorizations and termination of patents.

User Manuals: This category requires subject matter expertise for translations to be accurate and clear by means of the use of specific terminology and consistency. User manuals use generally simplified and common language common to this type of document.

Software: Although desktop and mobile device apps (cell phones and tablets) seem to use simple language, translators must know how to handle the translation of strings that run in the background and understand programming code.

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